Trump arrested for election fraud, gets mug shot taken in jail, released on bail

trump mug shot

New Delhi: According to the big news received from abroad, former US President Donald Trump surrendered himself in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail on Thursday in a case of trying to overturn the election results. According to information from other media reports on the matter, he was arrested and placed under house arrest here.

However, after this Donald Trump was released on bail of $ 200,000 and he went back to the airport for his return to New Jersey. Please be informed that former President Trump remained in jail for about 20 minutes. After being released there, Trump spoke to reporters. Wherein he said that he is completely innocent and he has done nothing wrong.

On the other hand, according to CNN on the matter, after being arrested, Trump was taken to a room and his fingerprints were taken. Here a mug shot of him was also taken i.e. under Nitam, and a picture of Trump’s face was also taken like that of the accused. Now all these documents will become part of court and police records. At the same time, it is also known from the jail records that the former President was arrested in Fulton County Jail. He was booked as prisoner number P01135809.

trump mug shot

The court had given former US President Trump time to surrender till 25 August. At the same time, 4 criminal cases have been registered against him in 5 months. Along with him, a case has also been registered against former White House Chief of Staff and leader Rudolph Giuliani. In this regard, according to the news of the New York Times, it has been said in the charge sheet that Trump and his associates deliberately made unethical efforts to get the results of the election in their favor. Ready to nominate.