Retrenchment again in Facebook company Meta, will lay off 10,000 employees


New Delhi: Due to the sound of recession, it is affecting different sectors. In the last few times, many big and small companies of the world have retrenched employees. At the same time, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, will lay off 10,000 more employees on its various platforms. This has been claimed in some media reports. Earlier, Meta had laid off 11 thousand employees in November 2022 as well.

After this retrenchment, the number of employees in Meta will be equal to the middle of 2021. During the Corona period, the company had done tremendous hiring since 2020. The company has given information about this retrenchment through the professional social media platform LinkedIn. Employees of the Ad Sales team, Marketing, and Partnership team will be affected by this retrenchment.


The company said these things in March
Earlier in March, the company had told that it would reduce the size of its employer team and lay off more people in its technology group at the end of April. After that, at the end of May, people from the business group will be fired. Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said, “It will be difficult but there is no other way. It also means saying goodbye to the talented and passionate colleagues who have been a part of our success.”