New Feature Alert: Instagram to Introduce AI-Powered Message Writing

instagram AI

New Delhi: Instagram, the globally acclaimed social media platform, is constantly evolving. If you’re an Instagram user under the Meta umbrella, here’s some exciting news: Instagram is currently in the works to bring you a groundbreaking feature. The platform is reportedly developing functionality that will allow users to compose messages using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What’s the Buzz?
App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared a revealing screenshot. In this sneak peek, we see the tantalizing option labeled “Write with AI” within the Instagram direct message interface. According to Paluzzi, this feature will potentially rephrase your messages in various styles, akin to how Google’s Magic Compose operates.

Meta’s AI Journey
Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is progressively introducing novel experiences through a range of generative AI features. These innovations aim to enhance and deepen human connections across their platforms.

1-on-1 Chat with Meta AI
Meta AI, your personal assistant, facilitates one-on-one conversations and group chats. It can offer recommendations, inject humor with witty jokes, settle debates, and provide answers or new insights.

Where to Find Meta AI
Currently available in the United States, Meta AI is making its debut. To engage with this cutting-edge feature:

  1. Start a new message.
  2. Select “Create an AI Chat” from the messaging platform.
  3. Alternatively, choose the same option within a group chat.
  4. Begin typing, and let Meta AI assist you.
instagram AI

Coming Soon to WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram
Meta AI is set to expand its presence across platforms. Expect to encounter dozens of AI characters inspired by celebrities like Mr. Beast and Charli D’Amelio. So, whether you’re crafting a casual chat or diving into a group discussion, get ready for an AI-powered messaging experience on Instagram and beyond!