Meta AI Chatbot Now Available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook in India

Meta AI Chatbot

New Delhi: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram users in India can now tap into the power of the Meta AI chatbot, a versatile virtual assistant that offers a range of features. Let’s dive into the details:

What Can Meta AI Do?

  1. Image Creation: Meta AI leverages its advanced Llama 3 language model to generate images based on text prompts. Whether you want a cat flying in a spaceship with a rat and dog or any other imaginative scene, Meta AI can create it in seconds.
  2. Answer Queries: Need advice on a math problem? Want to make an email sound more professional? Meta AI has you covered. It’s available across various platforms, including feed, chats, and search, so you can seamlessly access real-time information without leaving the app you’re using.
  3. Deep Dive on Topics: Meta AI isn’t just about quick answers. You can explore topics, get creative inspiration, and plan your activities all within the app. Meta AI can assist you whether you’re organizing a weekend getaway or studying for a test.

Where to Find Meta AI?

  • WhatsApp Groups: If you’re part of a WhatsApp group, Meta AI can help you browse restaurant options, plan a holiday trip, and more. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend right in your chat.
  • Facebook Feed: For Facebook enthusiasts, Meta AI is available directly in your feed. Ask about a specific place, seek recommendations, or learn about historical monuments—all without leaving the app.
  • Instagram: Instagram users can also benefit from Meta AI. Imagine getting personalized travel tips or creative ideas for your next project—all through chat.

Desktop Support

Meta hasn’t forgotten about desktop users. When you’re working on your computer, simply visit Whether it’s tackling a math problem or fine-tuning your professional emails, Meta AI is there to assist.

Meta AI Chatbot

Llama 3: The Power Behind Meta AI

Meta’s confidence in its most advanced LLM, Llama 3, shines through. With over 400 million daily active WhatsApp users in India, Meta AI aims to enhance productivity, creativity, and convenience for everyone.

So go ahead, chat with Meta AI, and unlock a world of possibilities!