No-confidence motion against the government dropped in Japan

Fumio Kishida

Tokyo: A no-confidence motion against the government by opposition parties on Friday failed in the lower house of Japan’s parliament with 342 votes against 107.

A total of 449 MPs participated in the voting on the motion of no confidence. During the voting, 107 votes were cast in its favor and 342 votes were cast against it.

Earlier on Thursday, the leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Kenta Izumi, said that the opposition party has been opposing the creation of a special fund allegedly to secure financial resources for defense. They accused Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of abusing his powers over the right to dissolve parliament.

Fumio Kishida

Until recently, the Japanese media had been speculating whether Mr. Kishida would dissolve parliament when he said just yesterday that he would not.

The latest opinion polls by Japanese media show that support for the current cabinet has once again seen a decline.