Japan Introduces e-Visa for Simplified Travel: A Step Towards Digitalization

Japan Introduces e-Visa

Tokyo: Japan has launched an e-Visa program, marking a significant step in travel facilitation and digitalization of visa processing. As of April 1, travelers from select countries, including India, can now apply for a single-entry visa online, which is valid for up to 90 days. This innovative system eliminates the traditional requirement of a physical visa sticker in the passport.

Eligibility and Application Process for Japan’s e-Visa

The e-Visa initiative is tailored for individuals traveling to Japan by air with an ordinary passport. Eligible countries for this program are:

– Australia
– Brazil
– Cambodia
– Canada
– Saudi Arabia
– Singapore
– South Africa
– Taiwan
– United Arab Emirates
– United Kingdom

Both Indian citizens and foreign nationals residing in India can take advantage of this streamlined process. The centralized application system is managed by VFS Global through Visa Application Centres, ensuring a smooth and efficient procedure.

Steps to Apply for Japan’s e-Visa:

1. Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the Japan Visa Application Centre’s official website, operated by VFS Global.
2. Download and Complete the Application Form: Select the appropriate visa type for your travel needs and gather the necessary documents.
3. Enter Application Information Online: Submit the required information for the online visa application.
4. Receive Examination Results: The outcome of your visa application will be communicated via your registered email address.
5. Payment of Visa Fees: Upon notification, pay the visa fees as instructed to the relevant Japanese overseas establishment.
6. e-Visa Issuance: Following payment confirmation, your e-Visa will be issued electronically.

This e-Visa program is a testament to Japan’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience by leveraging technology, providing a more convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional visa applications.

Japan Introduces e-Visa