Prime Minister Embarks on a Diplomatic Voyage to the G7 Summit, Aiming to Strengthen Global South Ties

G7 Summit

New Delhi: In a move that marks his first international engagement since his historic third-term victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to depart for Italy today to participate in the prestigious G7 summit. The summit, which is a convergence of the world’s most influential economies, will witness India’s 11th participation, with PM Modi leading the delegation for the fifth time in a row.

Diplomatic Agenda:
Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra has highlighted the significance of the summit, particularly for the Global South, as it presents an unparalleled opportunity for India to forge connections with global powerhouses. The summit’s agenda is packed with outreach sessions where PM Modi is expected to voice India’s stance on pressing global issues. Following the summit, a series of bilateral meetings are on the cards, potentially culminating in a notable discussion with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

India’s Role at the G7:
India’s invitation to the G7 summit underscores its growing influence and the recognition of its efforts to address global challenges such as peace, security, and environmental preservation. This year’s summit, held in the scenic Apulia region of Italy, will also provide a platform for PM Modi to follow up on the outcomes of the G20 summit, which was held under India’s presidency last year.

Controversy Before the Summit:
In a disconcerting prelude to PM Modi’s visit, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Italy was desecrated by Khalistani supporters, an act that has drawn sharp criticism and prompted swift action from the Italian authorities. The repaired statue was scheduled to be unveiled by PM Modi, symbolizing the enduring legacy of peace and non-violence that Gandhi represents.

Global Participation:
The G7 summit is not just a gathering of the host nations France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom but also includes other invited nations and organizations like Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, and the United Nations, reflecting a collective effort to address human rights and global economic issues.

G7 Summit

Looking Ahead:
Post-summit, PM Modi is slated to attend the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland, which will see the assembly of leaders from 90 countries, aiming to foster dialogue and peace in a region marred by conflict.

As PM Modi sets sail on this diplomatic journey, the world watches with anticipation for the outcomes that will shape the future of international relations and global policy.