Nepal, archaeological department started work on granting ‘citizenship’ to Lord Ram

The Archaeological Department of Nepal has said that it will soon begin an archeological study about the birthplace of Lord Ram in Nepal.


New Delhi: After the statement of Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, the Archaeological Department of Nepal is now trying to prove the truth of the words spoken by its Prime Minister. Remind you that the Prime Minister of Nepal recently said that Lord Sri Ram (Lord Ram) is ‘Nepali’ and India has infringed on the cultural facts of Nepal by creating fake Ayodhya in India.

Lord-Rama- Nepali

Nepal’s archeology department has said that it will soon begin an archeological study about the birthplace of Lord Rama to Nepal. DG Damodar Gautam of the Department of Archeology of Nepal has said that as a responsible institution, he has been carrying out archaeological excavations, research and studies about cultural and religious sites in the country. In such a situation, you cannot step back from your duty, especially when the Prime Minister has given a statement in this regard.

He said that his department will organize a knowledge sharing program with historians, cultural experts, religious leaders, professors and researchers and after that the major site of excavation will be finalized. The Archaeological Department said that according to the claim of Prime Minister Oli, at present, it will not start excavation in Thori village of Bara. The Archaeological Department of Nepal claims that in the last few years they have excavated in the districts of Bara, Dhaunsa and Chitwan which are on the river banks.

Nepal’s archeology department said, “We have strong evidence that ancient civilization existed in these areas, but we have no evidence that the real Ayodhya was in any of these districts.”