NATO’s doors open for India! Why America wants closeness between India and NATO?


New Delhi: The Russia-Ukraine war has had such an impact on the world that now most of the equations of the world are being affected by this war. America is strongly supporting Ukraine under the leadership of NATO but is refraining from joining the war openly. It is trying that more and more countries of the world should come with NATO in the war against Russia. In such a situation, America wants to bring India along with the western countries. Recently, Julian Smith, the permanent representative of America in NATO, has said that the doors of NATO are open for India. It is important to understand the signs contained in it.

India which side
America may be leading NATO or Western countries in the war. But he is involved in the Ukraine crisis in the name of NATO, most of the democratic countries of the world are giving moral support to Ukraine, while India is closer to Russia, but still, its role in the United Nations is to remain neutral. Practically western countries seem inclined towards Russia.

India and Russia
The relations between India and Russia are indeed deep and despite the sanctions of western countries, India is buying oil from Russia and the purchase of arms is also going on. Even at the request of western countries including America, India did not support them in sanctions, so they could not isolate Russia.

America’s will
But India and America have bilateral and very good relations. In such a situation, America’s effort is that India should completely come in favor of Ukraine ie NATO. It is in this context that Smith has said that the US “would be more than happy to engage with India if given the opportunity.” He said that NATA is ready to hold talks with India whenever, and wherever India wants.

India and America
Smith said that at the beginning of the year, talks were also held between NATO and India under the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi, in which NATO was more eager to negotiate. He underlined that India and America have very good relations and both have worked together in many areas like democracy support, climate change, technology, space, etc.


NATO and India
A major formal hurdle is that India is not a member of NATO nor does it have any relation with NATO. Smith says that NATO’s reach has reached the Indian Pacific region. This is happening for the first time since NATO was created to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union and now China has become a challenge. With the aggressive attitude of China, there is a need for allies in this area to work together.

India and America in the Indian Pacific
The increasing aggression of China in the Indian Ocean region is a matter of great concern for India. America is already troubled by China’s expansionist attitude in the Indian Ocean and Pacific region. To deal with this challenge, India, America, Japan, and Australia are members of the Quad which will cooperate in this area. But Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, these four Indo-Pacific countries have been invited to the high-level NATO meeting to be held in Lithuania, whereas the invitation has not been sent to India yet. At the same time, Smith has also made it clear that NATO is not considering an alliance with any Indo-Pacific country.