YouTube’s Vigilance: Over 22.5 Lakh Videos Removed in India for Community Guideline Breaches


New Delhi: In an unprecedented move, YouTube has escalated its efforts to maintain a safe online environment by removing over 22.5 lakh videos in India during the last quarter of 2023, citing violations of its community guidelines. This action places India at the forefront of YouTube’s video moderation, surpassing the United States and Russia in the volume of content taken down.

Detailed data from YouTube reveals that Singapore follows India in this initiative, having removed 12,43,871 videos. The United States ranks third with 7,88,354 videos removed, while Indonesia and Russia are not far behind, with 7,70,157 and 5,16,629 videos removed, respectively.

On a global scale, YouTube’s crackdown on inappropriate content has led to the removal of over 9 million videos in the fourth quarter alone. Remarkably, over 96 percent of these videos were flagged by YouTube’s advanced machine-learning algorithms, underscoring the platform’s reliance on technology to detect and act upon content that violates its policies.

The categories of content removed include videos that promote harmful or dangerous behavior, those compromising child safety, as well as content containing violent or graphic imagery, nudity and sexual material, misinformation, and other forms of content that breach YouTube’s community standards.

YouTube’s proactive stance reflects its commitment to fostering a secure and trustworthy space for users worldwide, ensuring that the content aligns with its established community norms and values.