WhatsApp adds new text formatting features to improve user communication


WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has recently rolled out four new text formatting features that aim to enhance the user communication experience. These features are bulleted and numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code. They allow users to structure their texts more effectively and make them easier to read and understand.

What are the new text formatting features?

The new text formatting features are:

  • Bulleted lists: Users can create lists of items using bullet points, which are useful for organizing things like shopping lists, tasks, or ideas. To create a bulleted list, users need to start each line with a “-” symbol followed by a space. For example:
    • Milk
    • Eggs
    • Bread
  • Numbered lists: Users can create lists of items using numbers, which are useful for listing things in a specific order, such as instructions, steps, or rankings. To create a numbered list, users need to start each line with one or two digits, followed by a period and a space. For example:
    1. Open WhatsApp
    2. Tap on the chat you want to send a message to
    3. Type your message and press send
  • Block quotes: Users can highlight text within longer messages using block quotes, which are useful for quoting someone, citing a source, or emphasizing a point. To create a block quote, users need to precede the text they want to highlight with the “>” symbol followed by a space. For example: This is a block quote
  • Inline code: Users can format text as code using inline code, which is useful for coders and for highlighting specific information, such as names, numbers, or commands. To create inline code, users need to wrap their text with the “” symbol. For example: This is inline code

These new features complement the existing text formatting options that WhatsApp already offers, such as bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. Users can access these options by selecting the text they want to format and tapping on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Why are these features important?

The introduction of these new text formatting features represents a significant improvement for WhatsApp users, as they enable them to communicate more effectively and express themselves with greater clarity. By using these features, users can:

  • Organize their texts better and make them more readable and understandable
  • Convey their messages more clearly and precisely
  • Add variety and style to their texts and make them more appealing and engaging

These features are especially useful for users who send long or complex messages, such as students, teachers, professionals, or journalists. They can also help users who want to share information, opinions, or feedback with others.


How can users access these features?

These features are now available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Web, and Mac, along with support for Channels. Users can start using them by updating their app to the latest version. They can also learn more about these features by visiting the WhatsApp Help Center or by contacting the WhatsApp Support Team.