Tremendous jump in sales of Toyota vehicles, sales of vehicles doubled in May as compared to last year

Toyota sales

New Delhi: Toyota is continuously making technical changes in its SUV and MPV. One such major change was seen with Innova when the company launched the Innova Highcross. It is projected as a hybrid MPV. Initially, being a petrol vehicle, people felt that it would not garner as many sales as the Innova Crysta diesel model did. But proving this wrong, the Innova Highcross took record bookings. The situation became such that the company had to stop the booking of two variants of this car for some time. Now the sales figure for May has also revealed this fact.

Toyota’s sales doubled in May. The company sold 20,410 units this year. On the other hand, if we talk about May 2022, the company’s sale was only 10,216 units. On the other hand, if we talk about the domestic sale of the company, then it was 19,379 units.

The urban cruiser also showed off
The company’s mid-size SUV Urban Cruiser Highrider company sold 1031 units in May. The company’s VP of Sales Atul Sood told that the company recorded its highest-ever sales in May. Sood said that this year we expect a lot of growth and keeping in mind the needs of the people, we will continue to manufacture better cars.

Two new vehicles will be launched
According to media reports, Toyota may launch two cars soon. Both these vehicles will be launched under the technical partnership with Maruti Suzuki. The first of these vehicles will be based on the platform of the Ertiga and the second will be built on the platform of the recently launched Franks. Being built on the platform of Fox, this vehicle can also get elements of Yaris. At the same time, its front look will be similar to the Urban Cruiser. It would not be wrong to say that it will be a hybrid of the Urban Cruiser and the Yaris in terms of looks.

Toyota sales

The company is already rebadging an MPV based on the Ertiga and selling it in South Africa as the Rumian. But the car that is being prepared now will be completely unique. In this, the cabin space will be increased and there will also be a change in the design. The styling of the Innova Highcross can be seen in this car.