Solar storm warning: Earth to face geomagnetic disturbances and auroras

solar storm to hit earth

New Delhi: Scientists have claimed that a very deadly storm has occurred on the surface of the Sun. This storm is moving towards the earth. This can have a very fatal effect on the earth. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted that it will affect the Earth on July 19. It was not clearly told how fatal the solar storm could prove to be for the Earth. says that NOAA models have confirmed that the Coronal Mass Injection (CME) will touch Earth’s magnetic field. It comes from yesterday’s powerful M6-class outburst in the magnetic canopy of the Sun’s sunspot AR3363. There is a possibility that the geomagnetic storm may reach the intensity of the G3 category. This could be one of the strongest storms of the year so far.

Canada had to bear the loss
The geomagnetic G3 category storm also came in the month of April this year, due to which the rocket launch of SpaceX was postponed. The amount of static electricity in the environment had increased. Oil leakage also started in Canada. Some similar things are feared to happen again. It is being told that this time things can be worse than before.

solar storm to hit earth

These things will affect
Scientists believe that solar storms can damage small satellites. Apart from this, it can also have an effect on mobile and GPS networks. Along with this, due to an increase in magnetic potential, it can also affect the power grid on the Earth.