WhatsApp beta for Android introduces automatic album feature for channels


New Delhi: WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Meta, is constantly adding new features to enhance the user experience. The latest feature that WhatsApp is introducing is the automatic album creation for channels, which will make it easier for channel admins and members to share and access multiple media files. This feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp updates, in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android version

How the automatic album feature works

The automatic album feature works when channel admins share more than one image or video in their channels. Instead of showing each media file separately, WhatsApp will automatically group them into a single album, which will appear as a thumbnail in the channel. Channel members can then tap on the album to view all the media files in full screen.

This feature is similar to the one that already exists in personal chats and groups, where multiple media files are grouped into albums. However, this feature was not available in channels until now. With this update, WhatsApp aims to improve the media organization and presentation in channels, especially those that are media-heavy.

Who can use the automatic album feature?

WABetaInfo notes that the automatic album feature is currently available only for some beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta (v2.23.26.16) from the Google Play Store on Android. It is not clear when this feature will be rolled out to the public, making it available for all Android users.

However, this feature is a welcome addition for channel admins and members, as it will reduce the clutter and confusion caused by multiple media files in channels. It will also make it easier for channel members to access and enjoy the media content shared by channel admins.

Another feature in testing: reply bar for status updates

In related news, WhatsApp is also testing a new reply bar for status updates, which will allow users to easily interact with other users’ status updates. This feature, which is also in beta, will show a reply bar at the bottom of the screen when viewing a status update, eliminating the need to swipe up to access the reply menu.


This feature is similar to Instagram, where users can directly reply to stories. The reply bar will be available for both Android and iOS users and will make it more convenient and engaging for users to respond to status updates.