Maria Resa, Dmitry Muratov receive Nobel Prize for Peace, honor for efforts to protect freedom of expression

noble peace price 2021

Stockholm: Journalists Maria Ressa, Dmitry Muratov has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize 2021 for peace. Resa has been awarded jointly for efforts to protect freedom of expression in the Philippines and Dmitry in Russia. The committee has considered both the journalists as representatives of the entire journalistic fraternity. Both the journalists have been selected this time out of 329 participants.

Nobel Peace Prize
You may know that the Nobel Prizes are announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, but the Nobel Peace Prize is the only prize that is not announced by this Academy. The Nobel Peace Prizes are announced by a committee selected by the Norwegian Parliament.

Mahatma Gandhi, who is called the Father of the Nation of India, was nominated four times for the Nobel Prizes, but he never received the Nobel Prize. Mahatma Gandhi was nominated in the years 1937, 1938, 1939, and 1947.

What are Nobel Prizes?
This award was started by the Nobel Foundation in 1901. This award is given in memory of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel. It is awarded to those people who have brought the greatest benefit to mankind during the last year. This award is the world’s highest award in the fields of peace, literature, physics, chemistry, medical science, and economics. In this, the winner is given a medal, a diploma and a monetary award.

noble peace price 2021

Who was Alfred Nobel?
Alfred Nobel was a scientist who discovered dynamite. He made about 355 inventions. Before his death in December 1896, he reserved a large part of his wealth in a trust. His wish was that the interest of this money should be awarded every year to those people whose work is most beneficial to mankind.