Samsung Set to Unveil Affordable Foldable Smartphone Amidst Market Competition

Samsung Affordable Foldable Smartphone

New Delhi: In a strategic move to expand its consumer base, Samsung is poised to introduce an economical foldable smartphone, aiming to offer innovative technology to a wider audience. According to Sisa Journal, a Korean news source, this new addition to Samsung’s foldable range will feature a modest processor, a display with lower specifications, and a reduced battery capacity compared to its premium counterparts. These adjustments are expected to keep the device’s cost manageable, with an anticipated price tag of approximately $800 (Rs 66,000), a significant reduction from the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s $1800 (Rs 1.49 lakh).

Despite the scaled-down hardware, Samsung promises camera capabilities on par with its existing foldable models, suggesting that users can anticipate high-quality photography akin to flagship devices. This development follows the buzz generated at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, where hints of Samsung’s upcoming Z Fold lineup emerged. Speculation suggests that alongside the premium Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, Samsung will cater to budget-conscious consumers with this new offering. The official announcement for the 2024 foldable lineup is expected in July.

Samsung’s foray into foldable technology began in September 2019 with the original Z Fold, which received a lukewarm reception due to a prominent crease on the display. Subsequent refinements have culminated in the Galaxy Z Fold 5, a more polished iteration that boasts a 6.20-inch cover and a 7.60-inch foldable display, with a resolution of 2176×1812 pixels and a density of 374 ppi. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and 12GB of RAM, the Z Fold 5 houses a 4400mAh battery supporting fast charging. Its camera setup includes a 50MP main sensor, a 10MP telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultrawide sensor, complemented by a 10MP+4MP dual front camera.

Samsung Affordable Foldable Smartphone

The introduction of a more affordable Z Fold 6 could be Samsung’s answer to the competition from brands like Honor and Huawei, which have eroded its market share in China. By targeting cost-sensitive segments, Samsung aims to recapture lost ground and connect with millions of potential new customers. The Galaxy Z Fold 5, with its array of high-end features, currently retails at Rs 1,54,999.

This strategic diversification in Samsung’s foldable lineup reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and accessibility, potentially reshaping the foldable smartphone market landscape.