New update in Truecaller, many features including video caller ID


New Delhi: If you are an Android phone user and use the caller identification app Truecaller, then there is good news for you. In fact, Truecaller said that it will launch premium features like Video Caller ID, Call Recording, Ghost Call, Announce Call for Android phone users in India in the coming weeks. Including new facilities.

Ghost call refers to the facility in which the user can enter any name, number, or picture for himself and when he calls someone, the same things will appear in the other person’s phone. Whereas Announce Call means to announce the name of the caller on the phone.

22 crore users of Truecaller in India
This Stockholm (Sweden) company has about 300 million monthly users and it has 220 million users in India alone, which is three-fourths of its total users.


Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, Truecaller India said, “Truecaller is an important part of communication for over 22 crores Indians for their professional and personal needs. We are very happy with the confidence people have shown in us, but at the same time our goal of transforming communication also inspires us.”

He said that these new features will help people have more control over their communication equipment while providing a safe, fun, and satisfying experience.