Air India Express Strike Resolved: Crew Returns to Work After Management Concedes

Air India Express

New Delhi: The standoff between Air India Express and its employees has come to a close following a marathon four-hour negotiation. The meeting, which took place under the supervision of the Chief Labor Commissioner, saw the participation of the airline’s top brass and HR officials. The employees’ union articulated their concerns in depth, leading to an agreement that saw the cabin crew members consenting to resume their duties.

The dispute had previously thrown the airline into disarray as a significant number of employees simultaneously took leave, resulting in the cancellation of over 100 flights nationwide. This mass action sparked widespread concern among travelers.

In addition to the Chief HR Officer of Air India Express, four other officers were present at the conciliatory meeting. Approximately 20 senior crew members also attended. While the crew has agreed to return to work, they have made it clear that if their demands are not met, further discussions will be scheduled for May 28 at the CLC office. The airline has responded by immediately revoking the suspension of all crew members involved.

Key Demands of the Cabin Crew:
The primary demand put forth by the union was the immediate reinstatement of recently dismissed crew members. The absence of over 100 staff members, who reported sick en masse, severely disrupted flight operations, grounding more than 90 flights. The issue gained prominence as passengers faced delays, prompting the Civil Aviation Ministry to take note of the situation.

Managing Director’s Emotional Plea:
In a heartfelt message to the staff, Air India Express Managing Director Alok Singh acknowledged the impact of the sick leave taken by over 100 employees, predominantly L-1 level staff, which affected the airline’s operations. He assured that efforts were underway to normalize flight operations and invited the crew for open discussions, with a town hall meeting scheduled to address the concerns. Singh expressed optimism that the issues would be resolved promptly.

Air India Express

This resolution marks a significant step towards restoring normalcy in the airline’s operations and rebuilding trust with its passengers. The management’s willingness to engage in dialogue and address the employees’ concerns has been pivotal in averting a prolonged crisis.