Modi’s Election Campaign Dominates Lok Sabha Elections 2024

modi campaign

New Delhi: The grand festival of Lok Sabha elections 2024 is drawing to a close, with the campaign officially ending at 5 pm on Thursday. As voters prepare for the final round of voting scheduled for Saturday, all eyes are now on the results, which will be announced on June 4. While the outcome remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the energy and fervor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have set him apart from other leaders.

PM Modi’s Election Efforts:

  • 206 Rallies: Over the past two months, PM Modi crisscrossed the country, addressing a staggering 206 rallies. These events included not only traditional rallies but also dynamic roadshows that captured the imagination of the electorate.
  • Media Engagements: PM Modi engaged with the media extensively, granting a total of 80 interviews to various media organizations. His accessibility spanned across Hindi, English, and other regional languages, ensuring that his message reached diverse audiences.
  • Final Rally in Hoshiarpur: On Thursday, PM Modi held his last election rally in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The state’s 13 seats are up for grabs in the final phase of voting on June 1.
  • Campaign Kickoff in Jamui: PM Modi launched his election campaign from Jamui district in Bihar, where voting took place during the first phase on April 19.

Comparing Opposition Leaders:

While Rahul Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge, and Priyanka Gandhi campaigned as star representatives for the Congress party, their combined efforts paled in comparison to PM Modi’s relentless drive:

  • Rahul Gandhi: One interview with News18 India, 76 road shows, and rallies.
  • Priyanka Gandhi: 28 meetings and 10 road shows.
  • Akhilesh Yadav: 54 rallies.
  • Mayawati: Only 21 rallies.
  • Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge: 31 meetings.
modi campaign

In this grand festival of democracy, Modi’s unwavering commitment has left an indelible mark. Regardless of the election outcome, his dedication have set a high bar. Now, the nation awaits the results that will shape its future.