Rahul Gandhi Advocates for Loco Pilots’ Rights and Safety at New Delhi Railway Station

Rahul Gandhi with Loco pilots

New Delhi: Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi made an unexpected visit to the New Delhi Railway Station on Friday, where he engaged in a crucial conversation with loco pilots. The meeting has sparked controversy, with the railways expressing their reaction and questioning the authenticity of the video footage.

Loco Pilots’ Plight

Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with the loco pilots shed light on their challenging working conditions. These dedicated professionals, responsible for the safety of millions of lives, face grueling shifts of up to 16 hours in sweltering cabins. Deprived of basic facilities like urinals, they have no fixed working hours or leave provisions. Physically and mentally strained, they are at risk of falling ill due to the demanding workload.

Targeting the Modi Government

In a scathing critique of the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi shared a video from the meeting. He emphasized that the loco pilots’ lives have been “completely derailed” under the current administration. Their lack of confidence in their own well-being, coupled with inadequate facilities, paints a grim picture. The situation becomes even more precarious when these exhausted pilots operate trains, endangering both their lives and passengers’.

INDIA’s Commitment

The Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) stands firmly behind the loco pilots. Rahul Gandhi pledged to raise their concerns in Parliament, advocating for improved rights and working conditions. He urged viewers to empathize with the loco pilots by watching the video of their discussion.

Controversy Over Railway’s Response

However, Northern Railway Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Deepak Kumar contested the authenticity of the meeting. He claimed that the crew members Rahul Gandhi interacted with were not from the station’s lobby but possibly outsiders. The presence of cameramen capturing the interaction further complicates the situation. Despite this controversy, the focus remains on addressing the loco pilots’ challenges.

Rahul Gandhi with Loco pilots

BJP’s Reaction

BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya seized the opportunity to criticize Rahul Gandhi, sharing the railway official’s video. The political discourse continues, with both sides passionately defending their positions.