Indian Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph Safely Returns Home After MSC Aries Hostage Situation

Indian Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph Safely Returns

New Delhi: In a significant development, Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph, one of the 17 Indian crew members aboard the cargo ship MSC Aries, has safely returned to her homeland. The vessel was seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz on April 13. Here are the details:

Indian Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph Safely Returns
  1. Seizure Incident:
    • On the morning of April 13, 2024, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boarded and took control of MSC Aries via helicopter in international waters near the UAE coast.
    • The ship, a Portuguese-registered and Madeira-flagged container ship, is owned by Gortal Shipping Inc. and leased to the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).
    • The crew, consisting of 25 people, was effectively imprisoned after being taken to Iranian waters.
    • The incident was labeled as international piracy.
  2. Ann Tessa Joseph’s Return:
    • With concerted efforts from the Indian Mission in Tehran and the Iranian Government, Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph, hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, arrived safely at Cochin International Airport on Thursday afternoon.
    • She was warmly received by the Regional Passport Officer at the airport.
    • The remaining 16 Indian crew members are also being closely monitored by the Indian Mission in Tehran and are in good health, maintaining contact with their families in India.
  3. Diplomatic Efforts:
    • External Affairs Minister engaged with his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian, to address the situation.
    • The Indian embassy in Iran played a crucial role in ensuring Joseph’s safe return.
  4. Background and Context:
    • The incident occurred amid escalating tensions between Iran and Israel during the proxy war involving Hamas.
    • The United States had warned Iran not to escalate the situation in the week preceding the seizure.

The safe return of Cadet Ann Tessa Joseph marks a diplomatic victory for India, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in resolving such critical situations.