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Facebook deleted fake accounts to support Trump’s posting

Menlo Park: Facebook has removed 276 such accounts that were used as fake right-wing people and used to comment on such news from these...
India and Bangladesh military exercises

India and Bangladesh conducted military exercises in the Bay of Bengal

New Delhi: Navies of India and Bangladesh on Saturday demonstrated growing operational coordination between the two countries in a massive military exercise in the...
Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid al-Sabah

Kuwait government resigns, political deadlock deepens

Dubai: In Kuwait, the cabinet has submitted its resignation amid a deadlock between the government and Kuwait Government. Earlier this month, about 30 MPs...
Johnson & Johnson's vaccine

US to resume Johnson Covid vaccination despite rare risk of blood clotting

Washington: US health officials have removed the 11-day ban on the Covid-19 vaccination with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson Company (Johnson &...
Eric Trump

Eric Trump answers questions from investigating officers on family business

New York: Eric Trump, the son of US President Donald Trump, answers questions from New York investigative officials regarding his family's business. New York's Attorney...