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China launches world's largest census

China launches world’s largest census

Beijing: China launched the world's largest population on Sunday. In the most populous country, it is done once in a decade. For the seventh...

Actor Prabhas 41st birthday today got a lot of names and fame from ‘Bahubali’

New Delhi: Today i.e. 23rd October is the 41st birthday of Bahubali superstar Prabhas. He was born on this very day in 1979 in...

Trump signs executive order banning TicTock, WeChat

Washington: US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning popular Chinese applications such as TicketLock and WeChat, calling them a threat to national...

Trading Manoeuvres on Precipitous Gold in Forex Markets by RvR Ventures

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  Forex Market is an electrifying place. Once you venture into the Forex world, the adrenaline rush pushes you hard to trade...

Mini lockdown implemented in Delhi, 6-day ‘lockout’

New Delhi: Kejriwal government's restrictions have begun to put a brake on the unbridled pace of the rising Corona epidemic in the country's capital,...