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US senator

US senator expresses concern over Covid-19’s situation in India

Washington: Several US lawmakers have expressed concern over the unprecedented increase in Covid-19 cases in India and have requested the Biden administration to provide...

Biden ahead of Trump in four major U.S. states: Poll

New York: According to a new survey in America, Biden seems to be ahead of President Donald Trump in the four most important states...

Time magazine gave tribute to Irrfan Khan and these celebrities, remembered through video

New York: Late Indian actor Irrfan Khan was paid tribute by Time magazine as one of the greatest artists in the world who died...

NASA’s new feat of Perversance Rover, Oxygen made on Mars

Washington: NASA's Mars Perverence Rover is constantly making new discoveries. Recently, Rover has created history by converting some of the atmospheric carbon dioxides into...

Today is a good chance to shop in Gold, cheaper up to 12000 rupees

New Delhi: Gold rate today: On Tuesday for the third consecutive day, the price of gold is seeing a boom. At the start of...