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Corona reaches 462 villages in 50 districts of Madhya Pradesh

Corona virus patients have been found in 462 villages of Madhya PradeshInfected, 479 are laborers and 472 others are villagersSamples of 29,881 people from...
Chinese channel journalist arrested in Australia

Chinese channel journalist arrested in Australia, accused of sharing confidential information

Canberra: China formalized China Central Television's English-language channel CGTN on the suspicion of sharing official confidential information with the Australian-born Australian journalist is arrested. The...
Mahakal temple

Like Tirupati and Golden Temple, 250 kg gold will be mounted on Mahakal temple

Ujjain: The world-famous Mahakal Temple situated in Ujjain, the religious city of Madhya Pradesh, will also glow like gold. One of the 12 Jyotirlingas...

Canada’s space agency will be commanded by a woman for the first time

Ottawa: For the first time in the 31-year history of the Canadian Space Agency, a woman will command it. The government announced this on...

What is the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative, which Trump approved to make the law

Washington: US President Donald Trump has approved the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative to enact legislation. This would pave the way for establishing an educational...