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pulse oximeter

Does pulse oximeter detect skin color of patient? understand the whole matter

London: In the second phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there was a huge shortage of oxygen cylinders in hospitals around the world. In such...
Nasal Spray Vaccine

China Approves Trial of First ‘Nasal Spray Vaccine’ for Corona

Beijing: China has approved the testing of its first Nasal Spray Vaccine to fight the Novel Corona Virus. The first phase trial of China's...

America is considering allowing Chinese journalists to stay here for only 90 days

Washington: The Trump Administration is considering limiting the period of Chinese journalists' stay in the US to 90 days and extending it again for...

Security assistance given to Pakistan by America still suspended: Pentagon

Washington: The Pentagon said on Monday that the security assistance to Pakistan that was suspended by former President Donald Trump's administration is still suspended....

Pre-monsoon showers continue in several parts of Saurashtra, southern parts of Gujarat

Ahmedabad: In Gujarat, pre-monsoon showers continued to lash several parts of Saurashtra and Southern parts of the state. Heavy downpour was witnessed in parts...