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Two terrorist attacks in Pakistan, 4 soldiers killed: Army

Quetta: Terrorists in Pakistan attacked a security checkpoint on Monday and a few hours after this attacked the vehicle in which the soldiers were...

Renowned American painter Wayne Thibaud dies

Los Angeles: Famous American painter Wayne Thiebaud Death has passed away. He was 101 years old. Thibaud's gallery Aquavela confirmed his death in a...
China stopped solar plant project near Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka

China stopped solar plant project near Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka

Colombo: After heavy opposition from India, China has stopped the construction of hybrid energy system projects in Sri Lanka. These hybrid energy systems were...

Who was great saint and social reformer Ramanujacharya? Know all about Statue of Equality

Hyderabad: Millennium celebrations are being organized on the occasion of the 1000th birth anniversary of Ramanujacharya, one of the great saints of India. In...
Pakistan Test Fires Missile

Pakistan ‘Test Fires’ Missile, Fails To Reach Target, Lands In Sindh

Islamabad: Residents of Pakistan’s Jamshoro in Sindh province on Thursday noticed an unidentified flying object fall from the sky with a contrail, news agency...