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SC asks Centre to discuss ticket price refund issue with airlines

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Friday asked the Centre and the airline companies to discuss modalities for full refund of tickets for domestic and...
electricity subsidy

Government will now put electricity subsidy money into bank account

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, the amount of subsidy received in the electricity bill will be deposited in the consumer's account in the coming days....

Big shock to Nirav Modi, British court rejects bail plea for 7th time

London: A British court has for the seventh time rejected the bail plea of ​​fugitive Indian businessman Nirav Modi. Nirav Modi is accused of...
Pope Francis

Market Capitalism Failed Epidemic, Needs Reform: Pope Francis

Rome: Pope Francis has said that the Coronavirus has proved that the "miraculous principles" of market capitalism have failed. He also said that the...
Tulsiram Silavat and Govind Singh Rajput rejoined the cabinet

Shivraj government expanded, Tulsiram Silavat and Govind Singh Rajput rejoined the cabinet

Bhopal: After the Madhya Pradesh by-election, the much-awaited cabinet expansion of BJP's Shivraj government took place on Sunday. In a dignified and brief ceremony...