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Earthquake tremors again in Himachal, Dharamsala and Kangra

Shimla: In Himachal Pradesh on Saturday, the tremors of the Earthquake caused people to panic. According to the information, earthquake shocks occurred in Dharamsala...
New Ayodhya Mosque

Ayodhya Mosque Likely to be Named After Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah

Ayodhya: The proposed mosque in Ayodhya that is set to be built following the Supreme Court verdict in the Babri Masjid case may be...
Deadly plane crash in Utah America

Deadly plane crash in Utah America, one person killed, one injured

Eden (United States): One person was killed and another seriously injured in a plane crash Saturday morning near the Powder Mountain area near Eden...

“Ask my strength to those who are in opposition even after 105 MLAs…”

Mumbai: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut was the target of protesters throughout the day on Sunday. Criticizing actress Kangana Ranaut, Raut called her a...
Vocal for Local on Diwali

Dhoom of Vocal for Local on Diwali, estimated turnover of Rs 72 thousand crore

New Delhi: The Vocal for Local Campaign given by PM Narendra Modi and the spread across the country by the Confederation of All India...