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health worker

Health worker became positive within a month despite taking vaccine in UK

London: Despite taking the Pfizer vaccine, a shocking case of health worker getting coronavirus has been reported within a month. David Longdon is a...
2 weeks full lockdown in Wales

2 weeks full lockdown in Wales due to increasing in Corona cases

London: Amidst the rise in cases of Corona Virus infection in Britain, Wales in the south-west announced Monday to implement a full-week lockdown, starting...
air pollution

Air pollution killed 16.7 lakh people in India in 2019: study

New Delhi: In India, 16.7 lakh people have died due to air pollution in 2019, out of which more than one lakh was less...
Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. said- Biden is not good for India, maintain soft attitude towards China

Washington: Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, has called presidential Democratic candidate Joe Biden a poor choice from India's point...
plaque, symbol of Thailand's democracy struggle

plaque, symbol of Thailand’s democracy struggle, removed within 24 hours

Bangkok: Less than 24 hours after anti-government protesters erected a plaque in honor of the Democracy's struggle at the Rajshahi Maidan in Thailand, it...