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Israeli Embassy blast

Israeli Embassy blast: CCTV found a major clue, ammonium nitrate explosion

New Delhi: The IED blast occurred on Friday evening outside the Israeli Embassy on the Aurangzeb Road in the Lutyens area of ​​Delhi. However,...

Uncontrolled Corona, 63 thousand cases in Maharashtra today, Delhi is also suffering

Mumbai: The unbridled pace of Corona is breaking all records in new Covid Cases. In the country's most affected state Maharashtra, 63,729 new cases...
Obama's memoir

The first part of Obama’s memoir will be released on November 17

New York: The first segment of the memoir of former US President Barack Obama will appear on November 17, two weeks after polling day....

Palestinian calls ceasefire its victory, Israel warns Hamas strongly

Gaza City: Thousands of Palestinians celebrated on Friday after a ceasefire took effect in Gaza with Israel's declaration. Many of them said the war...