Vikas Dubey’s wife on Kanpur encounter police radar


Kanpur: The Kanpur encounter case is slowly catching up and the links are being added. Recently, CoG Mohit Aggarwal said that some police personnel is under suspicion as well as SHO Vinay Tiwari of Chaubepur police station has been suspended. The police have reached Vikas Dubey’s investigation of his wife. The news of Dubey’s all-black exploits was well known to her wife Richa Dubey, so she lived in Lucknow with her children. But Richa used to help her husband completely even after being away. Whenever the police arrested Vikas from home, Richa, fearing an encounter, would make the recording of CCTV cameras viral on social media.

Richa is a member of the District Panchayat and her bullying in politics is due to mere development. The police have found much evidence quoting Richa, which shows that she had full cooperation in the dark misdeeds of development. According to police sources, she has been covering the crimes of development. He knew where Vikas was involved and in what event. Police revealed that Richa, a camera in Bikaru’s house, is connected to her mobile. With which she used to monitor Bikru’s house in Lucknow. Whenever the police caught the house, the footage went viral. The police is closely investigating all these facts.

Police are now locating the property of the development, in which it has been learned that most of the property, house, flat and other properties are in the name of wife. UP Police has increased the prize money placed on Vikas Dubey from 25 thousand to one lakh, along with 25-25 thousand prize money on the other 18 goons. At the same time, the police department is engaged in the investigation on the basis of call detail.