Smart Toilet with Free Tea or Water Inaugurated in ISBT Complex Bhopal

ISBT Complex Bhopal

Bhopal: Mayor Malti Rai on Thursday inaugurated the state-of-the-art smart toilet in the ISBT complex located below the Municipal Corporation headquarters in the city. The smart toilet is a unique facility that offers a free bottle of tea or water to the person using it. It is also equipped with various features such as WiFi, AC, hot and cold water facilities, and showers for bathing. Along with this, a catering service is available at the premises.

The Features and the Charges

Officials said that the smart toilet is a modern and hygienic facility that provides convenience and comfort to the users. The smart toilet is completely automatic and has sensors that detect the user’s presence and flush the toilet accordingly. The smart toilet also has a digital display that shows the availability of the toilet and the time limit for using it.

The smart toilet has a nominal fee of Rs 10 for the toilet and Rs 30 for the bathroom. However, the users can avail a free bottle of tea or water worth Rs 10 from the catering service after using the toilet or bathroom. The users can choose from a variety of tea flavors such as masala, ginger, lemon, etc. or opt for plain water. The users can also buy additional bottles of tea or water from the catering service and use the toilet or bathroom free of charge.

The PPP Mode and the Benefits

The smart toilet and the catering service are being operated in PPP mode, which means a public-private partnership. The cost of the construction and maintenance of the facility has been borne by the operating organization, which is a private entity. The Municipal Corporation has given the land and permission for the facility and will get a fixed rent from the operating organization.

The smart toilet and the catering service are expected to benefit both the users and the Municipal Corporation. The users will get a clean and comfortable facility with free tea or water, while the Municipal Corporation will get a revenue source and a social service. The smart toilet and the catering service will also generate employment opportunities for the local people.

ISBT Complex Bhopal

The smart toilet and the catering service have also introduced a point system for the users. If someone does not drink tea or water after using the toilet or bathroom, he or she will be given points that can be redeemed later. The users can show their points on their mobile phones and drink tea or water in other outlets affiliated with the operating organization. The point system is aimed at encouraging the users to use the facility and to promote the brand of the operating organization.