MP Board 12th Exam 2020 Guidelines


Bhopal: MPBSE has released a detailed set of guidelines for students who would be appearing for MP Board 12th Exam 2020 starting on 9th June 2020. According to the guidelines shared by MP Board, all students who are found to be having ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ will be seated in a separate room, in isolation, to keep others free from infection. These guidelines have been compiled on the basis of the guidelines issued by the Home Ministry for the conduct of board examination earlier in May 2020. The guidelines are a very important way to ensure that students do not contract Coronavirus infection during the examination period from their peers while they are in the examination hall.

Key Guidelines
The majority of guidelines that have been prescribed by the state government for the conduct of MPBSE 12th Exam 2020 are based on the home ministry’s guidelines. The guidelines required students and teachers who are at the examination centre to compulsorily wear face masks at the time. In addition to this, before students and staff members are allowed inside the exam centre, they will be subjected to a thermal scan to identify if they exhibit any flu-like symptoms. Moreover, the exams are being held in two shifts to ensure timely completion and to cover-up for the delay caused due to the lockdown period. However, between both the shifts, the exam centre will be sanitized completely to make sure there is on the presence of a virus on campus

Students with Flu-Like Symptoms to be Isolated
One guideline that has been a point of contention is related to the isolation of students who exhibit flu-like symptoms while at the examination hall. As per the guidelines shared by the MPBSE, students who are found to be having cough, cold or high temperatures would be provided seats in isolation or in a separate room from other students. This would be done to ensure their own safety along with safety of other students who would be appearing for the exam at the same center. As confirmed by MPBSE PRO S K Chouraiya following the completion of the examination, students who have flu-like symptoms will also be advised to get checked for coronavirus infection. Exam invigilators or supervisors will also be asked to undergo a health check and COVID-19 testing.