U.S. House Resolution Introduced to Combat Rising Hinduphobia and Temple Vandalism

U.S. House Resolution

Washington: A significant step has been taken to address the growing concerns of Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry in the United States. A resolution, introduced by Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar, aims to condemn and combat the rising tide of hatred and intolerance towards Hindus and their places of worship. The resolution, which has been forwarded to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, acknowledges the substantial contributions of Hindu-Americans to the fabric of American society, despite the increasing challenges they face.

The resolution highlights the disturbing trend reported by the FBI, which shows a year-on-year increase in hate crimes targeting Hindu temples and individuals. This uptick in Hinduphobia is seen as a growing sentiment of animosity within American society, which stands in stark contrast to the nation’s values of diversity and inclusion. The United States, having welcomed over 4 million Hindus since the 1900s, has seen these individuals enrich various sectors of the economy and industries with their diverse racial, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds.

The proposal also sheds light on recent alarming incidents, such as the surge in thefts and acts of vandalism at Hindu temples, which have instilled fear among worshippers. Notably, the ‘Sherawali Temple’ in California was defaced with pro-Khalistan slogans earlier this year, and the ‘Shiv Durga Temple’ was subjected to theft. Additionally, the ‘Swami Narayan Temple’ experienced an attack, marking a series of concerning events that have escalated collective anxiety within the Hindu-American community.

In response to these incidents, five Indian-American lawmakers have taken action by penning a letter to the FBI, requesting detailed information on the rise in crimes against Hindus and the spate of temple vandalism observed this year. This collective effort underscores the urgent need for a strategic response to safeguard the rights and security of Hindu-Americans and their places of worship, reinforcing the nation’s commitment to religious freedom and tolerance.

U.S. House Resolution