Things are back to normal in America’s White House, most of them removed masks


Washington: The atmosphere has once again come alive in the White House where people are seen laughing and smiling in the largest room without wearing a mask. The 94-year-old veteran who received the Medal of Honor was greeted with a pompous welcome by shaking hands and ceremonially welcoming the head of state at a ceremonial ceremony.

Recently given concession is the reason
White House rejects Putin’s response to US arms control proposal All this due to the increasing availability of Covid-19 Vaccine and the recent concession in the Federal Guidelines on Masks and Social Distancing, Biden Administration of Pennsylvania The Avenue is adopting the look and feel of the pre-global epidemic.

Can be returned to normalcy with vaccination as before
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris released their income tax returns, know how much are their earnings. More and more employees of the West Wing are returning to work and many more reporters will be seen doing so as the White House has given the message that the first with vaccination Like can be returned to normal state. There was apprehension about security and mixed messages, but these concerns have come to an end with photographs of the reopening of the White House and the relaxed atmosphere there.

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The impact of the epidemic is decreasing in America
US Elections 2020: Covid-19 cases in America have increased suddenly, a big concern for the country’s new president This is an indication of how the impact of the global epidemic in America is diminishing. “We have returned,” White House press secretary Jane Saki announced at Friday’s regular press conference. He said, “I can confirm that we are warm and we like to come here.”