Ban on the use of Tiktok, WeChat, and many Chinese apps in Virginia, USA

Ban on the use of Tiktok, WeChat

Virginia: The US state of Virginia Governor Glen Youngqin on Friday called several Chinese apps including ‘TikTok and WeChat a threat to national security. equipment and wireless networks banned their use. Chinese apps have already been banned in India. This idea was going on in America for a long time.

Yangqin’s executive order also mentions apps developed by ‘ByteDance’ and ‘Tencent’. Companies that have contracts with Virginia also do not have to use these apps on state-owned equipment or information technology (IT) infrastructure. “Data from TikTok and WeChat are a vehicle for the Chinese Communist Party to obtain information, and their continued presence is a threat to national security, the intelligence community, and the personal privacy of every American citizen,” the order said.

Ban on the use of Tiktok, WeChat

“Today, we are taking this decision to protect state government equipment and wireless networks from intrusion and to ensure state government data and cyber security,” Youngqin, a Republican Party leader, said in a statement. Youngkin joins 14 other governors who have taken a similar step. At the same time, there is also a demand in Congress to ban the use of such apps in the equipment of the federal government.

Let us tell you that many Chinese apps including Tiktok and WeChat have been banned in India considered a threat to national security. Its ban was being discussed in America for a long time. It has been said in many reports here that China steals data through the app. Tiktok and WeChat data are a means of obtaining information for the Chinese Communist Party. Which is a threat to America and its citizens.