WHO warns, smoking can increase the risk of Corona infection


The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared important information among the growing outbreak of Corona virus. The WHO warned that the condition of corona virus patients who smoked has worsened. The WHO stated that smoking can prove fatal in current conditions and also increases the risk of infection with the corona virus.

The WHO on Thursday cited 34 published studies establishing a relationship between smoking and Kovid 19, stating that more than 18 percent of hospitalized patients were smokers. Research has found that smoking and corona have a deep correlation between the patient’s critical condition. In people who smoke, corona virus infection is happening more rapidly and once they are getting infected they are also taking a long time to recover. According to the WHO, how important such patients are to be hospitalized and how much their risk of death is also to be monitored. Although these researches have been questioned by many scientists. Scientists say that there is a paucity of definite data in these research, due to which the results of this question are bound to be questioned.

On the other hand, WHO regional director Poonam Khetripal Singh has also warned the people of South-East Asia amid the global epidemic of coronavirus. The WHO said that people in this area should be vigilant about mental health and refrain from taking steps like suicide. He cautioned all people to take care of their acquaintances not to take serious steps like suicide due to depression or any other mental problem. The regional director also said that due to domestic violence and health and economic pressure during the lockdown in South East Asian countries during this transition of coronavirus, people are mentally disturbed and are taking unwanted steps in depression.