DM inbox of 36 out of 130 people directly accessed – Twitter

tweeter haking

New Delhi: Shocking information has surfaced in the Twitter hacking case. Twitter said on Thursday that the hackers directly accessed the DM inbox of 36 of the 130 people, including an elected representative from the Netherlands. However, Twitter has assured that the attackers were unable to use the user password.

Twitter said, the most important question for people using Twitter is – did the attackers see any of my personal information? For most people, we believe the answer is no. The 130 accounts that were attacked were not able to see previous passwords for attackers. He was able to see personal information including emails, addresses and phone numbers of some accounts displayed in our internal support tools. In cases where an account was taken by the attacker, they may be able to view additional information. Our forensic investigation of these activities is still ongoing. We believe that out of 130 targeted accounts, attackers were able to access the DM inbox. Which also includes 1 elected official in the Netherlands. To date, we have no indication that any other former or current elected official managed to reach the hacker.

According to the tweeter, hackers were able to reset the passwords of about 45 accounts, login to the account and send tweets. Twitter is now conducting a forensic review of all accounts to confirm this entire hacking process.

Last week, on Wednesday, Twitter accounts of several, including former US President Barack Obama, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, were hacked and hackers were demanding followers of these accounts via bitcoin. The same tweet was sent from almost everyone’s account, “You send money through bitcoin and we will give you double the money”. It was also written in the tweet that “Now the time has come to return what we have earned from the society.” The episode was tweeted by Twitter CEO Jack saying, “Today was a very difficult day, we tried to stop the hacking, how this hacking happened and who was behind it, the investigation is going on” . After the case surfaced, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also under investigation.