Ratlam(MP): The process of positive release of people exposed to him after the death of Nayapura’s burnt Aslam Baba on June 4 from Corona infection continues. There are 19 positives in direct contact with Baba. The administration has sent 29 babas to the quarantine centers.

The report came on Tuesday night after 24 new patients came into the district. Surprisingly, even after doing so much hype about vigilance, some people went to Baba for treatment of corona. Baba was shoving Corona by kissing people’s hands.

After the death of Baba’s corona infection on June 4, some other people were quarantined and sampled in contact tracing, while the report on June 7 found six positives of Nayapura. Now out of 24 positive Nayapura has 13 people who had contact with Baba.

In this way, 19 out of a total of 85 patients of the district got infected due to Baba. Kovid-19 Nodal Officer Dr. Pramod Prajapati said that for the first time 24 infected have come together. Most of them were in contact with Baba. So far 35 patients have been discharged in the district. Four have died. There are 46 active cases.