Mumbai Police has imposed Section 144, will be applicable till next January 2, know the complete order

Mumbai Police

Mumbai: According to the big news coming from Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, the Mumbai Police has imposed curfew-like restrictions here till January 2, 2023. In fact, in order to ensure peace in the city till January 2, 2023, and to avoid any disturbance in public order, the Mumbai Police has imposed Section 144 in the city from December 4 to January 2. At the same time, strict action will be taken against those who violate these orders.

Not only this, during this time the gathering of 5 or more people at one place has also been banned. According to an order issued by the Mumbai Police in this regard, arms, fire arms, swords and other weapons will also be banned in the city from December 4, 2022 to January 2, 2023. Not only this, there has been a complete ban on sloganeering, demonstration and performance of songs in public places during this period.

All this will be banned

  • The use of loudspeakers, musical instruments and bands as well as bursting of firecrackers will be banned in Mumbai till January 2.
  • At the same time, marriage ceremonies, funeral gatherings, processions on the way to cemeteries, large meetings of companies, clubs, cooperatives and other organizations will be banned.
  • Assembly of people around courts, government offices and local bodies will be strictly prohibited.
  • Meetings in schools-colleges and other educational institutions will also be completely banned.
  • There will be a ban on sloganeering and demonstrations in public places.
  • There will also be a ban on playing music in loud voice.
  • Meetings for normal business of factories will also be banned now.
  • Prohibition on display of all meetings, gatherings and processions related to shops and establishments or business.
Mumbai Police

What is section 144
Please inform that, Section 144 i.e. Section 144 is called Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. Section 144 of CRPC in constitutional language. The outline of this section was prepared by Raj Ratna EF Debu. Which was first implemented in the year 1861 in Baroda State. This important section is used to maintain peace in the area when there is a security threat or an apprehension of riots.