Kharmas: A month of mixed fortunes for different zodiac signs


This year Kharmas is going to start from Saturday 16th December. When Sun God transits in Sagittarius then Kharmas occurs. On December 16, at 04:09 pm, the Sun will enter Sagittarius and from that time Kharmas will start. From then onwards auspicious activities will be banned. Kharmas will end on 15 January 2024 on the day of Makar Sankranti. About one month of Kharmas is not considered good for auspicious works, but this month can prove to be lucky for people of 3 zodiac signs. In a way, they may have a lottery. Positive changes may be seen in their career and financial situation.

Kharmas 2023-2024: These 3 zodiac signs will have good luck!
Aries: Aries people may face a lottery in the month of Kharmas. You will be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi, due to which your income will increase and you will get opportunities for financial gain. During this time, you may also be successful in developing new sources of income. Your financial position will be stronger than before.

If you want to make any investment then time will be favorable for you. Good returns are expected from the investment of money. You can also transact money. You may think of buying a new car for yourself. You will be a career success.

Gemini: This can prove to be a wonderful time for people of this zodiac sign who do business. Mother Lakshmi will be kind to the business class. Their work may expand or they may get opportunities to earn profits. You will have no shortage of money during this time. However, expenses will be incurred on the comforts and facilities of the family.

If you are thinking of buying a new house or car then the time will be favorable for it. If you invest your money wisely during this time, it can prove to be pure gold for you.

Sagittarius: People of your zodiac sign will be on the side of luck in Kharmas. Whatever work you do, there will be more chances of achieving success in it. Family life will be happy and you will get full support from your spouse.

There are chances for you to buy a new house or a new car. You can surprise your family. With the grace of Lakshmi, the shortage of money will go away. The economic aspect will be stronger than before. However, do not lend money to anyone during this period.

What is Kharmas or Malmas
Kharmas is one month when the Sun transits in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. According to Hindu astrology, this is not an auspicious time to start or perform any important or religious activities, such as marriages, housewarming, naming ceremonies, etc. However, this does not mean that Kharmas is a bad time for everyone. Some zodiac signs may experience good luck and positive changes in their life during this time.

Kharmas is also known as Malmas, which means impure month. It is believed that the influence of the Sun God decreases in Kharmas, hence, any auspicious work is prohibited for one month. Kharmas comes twice a year, the first Kharmas lasts from mid-March to April, and the second Kharmas lasts from mid-December to mid-January.

The significance of Kharmas is that it is a time to avoid worldly pleasures and focus on spiritual practices. People generally worship Lord Vishnu and Surya during the Kharmas. They also offer water to the Sun, take holy baths, and chant mantras. Some people also observe fasts and donate to the poor and needy. Kharmas is considered a good time for people with Pitra Dosh in their Kundli, as they can perform rituals to appease their ancestors and get rid of the negative effects.


There are some things that people should avoid during Kharmas, such as:

  • Consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Purchasing new items, vehicles, or property
  • Organizing house warming, marriages, engagements, or other auspicious ceremonies
  • Starting new business ventures or projects
  • Lending or borrowing money
  • Shaving or cutting hair or nails

These are some of the things that people believe about Kharmas and its significance. However, these are not strict rules, but rather traditions and customs that vary from region to region and person to person. Some people may not follow Kharmas at all, while others may follow it partially or fully. Ultimately, it depends on one’s faith and belief.