Fair & Lovely Cream Changed Name, Will Now Be Sold as Glow & Lovely


New Delhi: The Black Life Matters Campaign has launched a campaign against apartheid worldwide. In such a situation, Unilever has also removed the word Fair, which makes blonde from its face cream. The company has taken this decision after being criticized for the racism of this cream being sold by people claiming to be blonde for several decades.


The company said in an e-mail statement that the face-cream formerly named Fair and Lovely has now been renamed as Glow and Lovely. The men’s version will be named Glow and Handsome. Unilever said that this change has been done to make the brand even more inclusive, whose annual revenue is 50 crores. Nevertheless, it reduces the demands of activists to stop the sale of skin whitening creams altogether, as they reveal that darker skin color is undesirable.

Those demands have recently gained attention as Black Lives Matter protests have raised widespread awareness of racial stereotyping in the US. Let us tell you that last month, Johnson & Johnson said it would step down from its skin-whitening business, which sells clean and clear fairness brands in India.

The marketing of Fair & Lovely has become tremendous due to deep passion for beauty in India. The company’s second largest market after the US is in India, where dark skin is seen as undesirable and is often associated with people from the lower strata of the caste system. In India’s largest newspapers, matrimonial advertisements regularly specify the need for a white bride.