CBSE Board announces new grading system for 2024 exams

CBSE new grading system for 2024 exams

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notification on its official website,, informing the class 10th and 12th candidates about the new grading system that will be implemented from the year 2024. According to the notification, the CBSE board exam results will not include any division, rank or aggregate marks for the students. Instead, the students will be given grades based on their performance in each subject.

Why the change?
The notification states that the change is in line with the new education policy 2020, which aims to reduce the pressure of results on the students and encourage them to focus on learning and understanding the concepts. The new grading system will also promote holistic development and skill-based education for the students.

How will the grades be calculated?
The notification explains that the CBSE board will not calculate the percentage of marks in the class 10th and 12th. The board will only provide the grades for each subject, which will be based on the marks obtained by the student in that subject. The grades will be given on a 10-point scale, with A1 being the highest grade and E being the lowest grade. The grade point average (GPA) will be calculated by adding the grade points of all the subjects and dividing by the number of subjects.

CBSE new grading system for 2024 exams

How will the admission and recruitment process work?
The notification also clarifies that the CBSE board will not have any role in determining the best 5 subjects for the students who have taken more than five subjects in the board examination. The decision to select the best 5 subjects will be taken by the institution giving admission to the student or the employer recruiting the student, based on their own criteria and requirements. The CBSE board will only provide the grades and GPA of the student for all the subjects.