Bomb Threat on Indigo Flight Prompts Emergency Evacuation at Delhi Airport

Bomb Threat on Indigo Flight

New Delhi: A bomb threat aboard an Indigo flight from Delhi to Varanasi caused panic among passengers and crew members. The incident unfolded early Tuesday morning when a note with the word “bomb” was discovered in the aircraft laboratory.

As soon as news of the bomb threat reached the authorities, emergency protocols were swiftly activated at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport. Passengers and crew members evacuated the plane through emergency exits, and the flight was moved to an isolated area for inspection.

Delhi Fire Service’s Response:
The Aviation Security and Bomb Disposal team promptly arrived at the scene. The Delhi Fire Service confirmed that at 5:35 am, they received information about the bomb threat on the flight. The Quick Response Team (QRT) safely evacuated all passengers through the emergency gate. Currently, the aircraft is undergoing a thorough inspection.

Indigo’s Statement:
Indigo Airlines released an official statement acknowledging the bomb threat. Flight 6E2211 from Delhi to Varanasi followed all necessary security protocols. The aircraft was relocated to a remote area as per airport security guidelines. Passengers were safely evacuated through emergency exits. Once security checks are completed, the aircraft will return to the terminal area.

Bomb Threat on Indigo Flight

Other Incidents:
In addition to the flight incident, several schools in Delhi also received bomb threats. Authorities are investigating whether these threats are genuine or hoaxes. Similarly, there was a report of a bomb threat at the Home Ministry, which was later confirmed to be false.

The situation remains tense as authorities work to ensure the safety of passengers and the public. Investigations into the source of the threat continue, and passengers are advised to stay informed about any updates regarding their travel plans.