Neetu Singh became emotional by sharing pic with Rishi Kapoor


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor fought with cancer for almost a year, while in the month of April, he said goodbye to this world. The news of his death shook the entire industry. His daughter Riddhima Kapoor often remembers her father through old photographs. At the same time, after the death of Rishi Kapoor, the most shocking has come to his wife Neetu Singh. She is still trying to overcome this misery. Recently, he has once again remembered Rishi Kapoor. He has written an emotional post by sharing a photo of himself with Rishi Kapoor.

Actually, recently Neetu Singh has shared the photo on her Instagram account. In this photo, she is seen with Rishi Kapoor. This photo seems to be from a party where there are many other people and Rishi Kapoor is seen in the entire suit-boot. At the same time, Neetu Singh is wearing a pink color suit. In this photo, Neetu is sitting on the chair, while Rishi Kapoor is seen standing with a glass in hand. See the photo shared by Neetu Singh here

In the caption of this photo, he wrote- ‘Big or small, we all have to fight our respective battles in our mind. You can have a big, all the comforts and you can still be unhappy while you can be happiest if nothing happens. It is all in your mind. All one needs is a strong mind and hope for a better tomorrow !!! Live with gratitude, hope, work hard !!! Appreciate your loved ones, that is your greatest wealth ‘. He has also shared two heart emojis with this post.

Rishi Kapoor’s wife Neetu Singh was with him till the last moment. The two met on the set of the film, the friendship that started with Nokzhonk turned into love and then both got married. After marriage, Neetu left her shining career and became a family member.