MilkLane Revolutionizing Indian Dairy with Technology and Transparency


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
 MilkLane, an innovative dairy unit of agri-tech platform Innoterra, is redefining the way milk is produced, sourced, and delivered. With a focus on quality, traceability, and financial inclusion, MilkLane is bridging the gap between technology and traditional dairy farming.

Quality Assurance: Safe Milk for All

MilkLane’s commitment to quality begins at the source. MilkLane is India’s first and only supplier of high-quality milk which free of antibiotics and toxins. MilkLane is also unique in its value proposition of Bulk Milk Cooler model, which ensures that the milk is chilled within 45 minutes and delivers MBRT of more than 3 hours for 100% milk. Through the tech-enabled product iDairy, MilkLane achieves traceability by providing customers and consumers with access to source and testing data. This transparency builds trust and ensures that consumers receive high-quality milk. Speaking about the quality parameters, Harish Sharma, Managing Director of Dairy business at Innoterra says: “We have over 30 quality parameters for the milk we accept from the farmers. This ensures consistent quality of milk, which is necessary for many processed milk products such as infant formulations, cultured milk products, UHT milk and more. As a result, our buyers can eliminate quality-related issues and costs associated with poor or rejected products. Milk products made with MilkLane can achieve better quality and longer shelf life.”

Empowering Farmers: Financial Inclusion

MilkLane’s impact extends beyond the dairy itself. They collaborate daily with more than 10,000 farmers across southern part of India. By promoting financial inclusion, they have empowered over 10,000 farmers in more than 100 villages. Through digital initiatives, MilkLane facilitates direct payments to farmers’ bank accounts, reducing intermediaries and ensuring timely remuneration. “MilkLane’s recent achievement of collecting 150 kilolitres of milk per day is possible because of our farmer community. They are relentless in ensuring consistent quality and optimal cattle health,” adds Sharma.

Role of Cattle Feed in High-Quality Milk Production

The secret to maintaining the quality of milk is in optimal animal health. Indian dairy farmers now recognise that cattle feed used for milch cows can make a considerable difference in milk yield and quality. “To address the market gap of high-quality cattle feed, we developed our own protein-rich and mineral-enhanced high quality cattle feed that can nourish the cows and keep them disease-free in the long run,” Sharma explains. The cattle feed brand, Aayush, was launched in 2019 and has become increasingly popular among the farmer community. After hearing feedback from the farmers, MilkLane team has made alterations to the feed formula, to make the grain content high, add toxin binders and ingredients to improve fat percentage in milk.

A Modern Dairy for a Changing India

MilkLane’s journey exemplifies the fusion of tradition and technology. As India’s dairy landscape evolves, MilkLane stands at the forefront, ensuring safe milk, empowered farmers, and a brighter future for the entire ecosystem. With each glass of MilkLane milk, consumers not only nourish themselves but also contribute to a more inclusive and resilient dairy industry.