Manoharan Periasamy Takes Over as Director General of Tourism Malaysia


Former Director of Tourism Malaysia in India office, Manoharan Periasamy is now appointed as the Director General of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia).

Manoharan Periasamy, Director General of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

After serving as the Director of Tourism Malaysia for 3 consecutive terms, Senior Director for International Promotion (Asia & Africa), and Deputy Director General Planning, he is all set to assume his new role immediately.

Along with the vast experience he brings to the table, he was also instrumental in setting up the first office in New Delhi, back in 1999 and later in Mumbai, in 2001.

With his proven track record of showcasing Malaysia’s exclusive offerings, Manoharan’s leadership is expected to boost tourism in the country, thus contributing significantly to the nation’s economy. His familiarity with the Indian market will also play a pivotal role in bringing about further developments.

With Periasamy taking on the mantle, tourism in Malaysia is all set to scale new heights!