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china Covid cases

Corona will kill 10 lakh people by 2023 in China! study predicted

Chicago: China's stringent COVID-19 restrictions could result in an explosion of coronavirus infections and more than 1 lakh deaths in the country by 2023,...

TORG – World’s First Utilimeme Goes Live on Crypto Exchanges Worldwide

Dubai: TORG is the world’s first sustainable, completely decentralized, and utility-focused cryptocurrency, aimed at global human development. A futuristic utility-focused cryptocurrency that will soon be available...
Meena-Harris controvercial post

Hindu groups demanding apology to Harris’ niece for tweet portraying aunt as’ Durga ‘

Washington: Outrage among the Hindu community in the United States over a photo tweeted by the Democratic Party in the US by Meena Harris,...

Bitcoin fell by 40% from November’s record high, investors lost 20 lakhs

New Delhi: Amidst the debate about the future of cryptocurrency in India, the price of the world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been falling...

ISRO and Social Alpha Sign MoU to Establish SpaceTech Innovation Platform

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Social Alpha today signed an MoU to launch SpaceTech Innovation Network (SpIN), India’s first dedicated platform for innovation...
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