Impact of AI is most on women’s Jobs, 58 million women may lose their jobs in US by 2030

AI will take more womans job

New Delhi: Due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), lakhs of people will lose their jobs in the next few years. But it will affect women more than men. McKinsey Global Institute According to the study by (McKinsey Global Institute), women losing jobs due to artificial intelligence will be one and a half times more than men.

In this report of McKinsey Global, it has been said that by 2030 only in America, 12 million or 12 million people may have to lose their jobs due to Artificial Intelligence. This will have the biggest impact on those jobs which include data collection, data entry, and repetitive tasks.

AI will have more impact on women’s jobs
It has been said in the report that the effect of artificial intelligence in the job market will be maximum in those fields which are currently dominated by women. Because of this, more victims of job loss will be women. According to the study, one and a half times more women than men will either have to lose their jobs or have to change their fields. According to the report, there are more men than women in the workforce in any field. 21 percent of the jobs that will be affected by AI are women.

Similarly, a report by the Cannon Institute of Private Enterprise says that AI is threatening the jobs of eight out of every 10 women employed in America. According to the report, about 5.8 crore women are at risk of job loss. In comparison, six out of 10 men are at risk of job loss from AI, and the number of men at risk of job loss is around 48 million.

Which areas will be affected the most?
Artificial intelligence will easily replace those jobs that require automation and repetition. This includes jobs like customer service, food service, and office support staff. It has been estimated in the report that by 2030, the demand for the post of clerk will reduce to 16 lakhs.

AI will take more womans job

With this, the jobs of more than 8 lakh sales persons can be lost. At the same time, more than 7 lakh administrative assistants may lose their jobs. Apart from these, more than 6 lakh cashiers may also have to lose their jobs. In these jobs, there is more repetition of tasks, data collection, and basic data processing, AI has the ability to do this work easily and in less time than humans.

These are the fields where women dominate. According to the report, about 80 percent of customer service representatives in the US are women. At the same time, about 60 percent of the office support staff are women. These are the two fields on which AI can have the most impact.